Now Accepting!

Hey guys and gals! 😁 I’ve been asked a lot over the years about programming and I always pondered weather to do it or not. I’ve done a fair bit over the years for people of varying levels of experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of the best lifters around as well … More Now Accepting!

Gym Must Haves!

This is my personal legit, MUST haves for training. Even for just a basic gym routine you gotta have some stuff, and then there’s the must-have-wont-even-do-it-without-gear for Squatting, Benching and Deadlifting. First, and foremost. Music! I just use my iPhone and the app. Spotify. I use these wireless headphones from Skullcandy. Wireless headphones can be … More Gym Must Haves!

Hot Tips for Intermittent Fasting

Ref: Author P. D. Mangan Lower insulin means greater fat loss Intermittent fasting — the practice of going without food for some (undefined) period of time — has many health benefits. It can help prevent heart disease, speed fat loss, and slow or reverse aging. There are a number of physiological mechanisms involved. It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, leads … More Hot Tips for Intermittent Fasting